A book a week – The challenge


Today, November 4, 2016 I take up the gauntlet that I threw down myself – yes, that’s insane and kinda weird, but bear with me: insane is my middle name.
Anyway, I decided to challenge myself – my strongest opponent – to read a book a week for the whole year, starting from today, with a count of fifty-two books for/in fifty-two weeks.
I spent an hour browsing through my library – both digital and paper-y – to put fifty-two books together, books that range from romantic to gothic, from erotic to japanese literature, from paranormal romance to classics, from young adult to thrillers etc.
I will follow the list I made in its numerical order, from number 1 to number 52, even if I lost most of this week since it’s already Friday – crap.
I will have from Monday to Sunday to start and finish a book, then I will write a little review with my thoughts about what I had the pleasure or displeasure to read.
I actually searched for books I’d like to read between the ones I purchased but never read, or those I started but never finished due to various circumstances – new fanfictions or new updates, those are the circumstances. And many a night of Marvel films binge-watching. #OhBucky #TeamCap #AwesomeDarcyLewis #TonyIwanttocuddleyou
Luckily, I’m a fast reader – or my poor novel would feel abandoned and the fanfictions’ updates left unread. Ugh, never! I have so many beautiful stories to read, so many awesome fandoms to explore! So many amazing people on tumblr to fangirl with!
Anyway, week one’s almost at its end, but the first book – The Warlord wants Forever – has less then two hundreds pages, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem with finishing it within the allocated time limit – sometimes I truly sound like a snob, ugh.
I’ll be posting the picture of the book of the week and the little review at the end of every week.
So, fellow readers, I guess that this is all. Read you on Sunday!
I wish you all a good week- end.
Take care and have fun!
The Cat Lady