About the Cat Lady

I’m an italian girl with a strong love for all things british – yes, men included. So, so included.
I drink tea throughout the day and night and I regret nothing. My favourite is a green tea mixed with jasmine and vanilla that opens the doors to heaven at every sip.
I read books 24/7 and, as I said, I regret nothing – I kinda feel pretty badass, actually.
I love cats and my dream is to buy a wooden house deep into some woods, where I can grow my herbs for my teas, herd all the cats of the city I leave behind and stock the shelves with books upon books.
I’m a stress eater, and that means that I’m always eating with pauses only to go get more food. I’m a runner – with all that food, I had to do something – but mostly because I’m always late and have to run to even catch my car – that happened.
I’m a professional dreamer and I’m always found daydreaming even during the most inappropriate of times – especially the most inappropriate of times.
I’m what the french love to call an “enfant du monde”, a sort of citizen of the world. Wanderlust is what’s flowing through my veins – and blood, obviously.
I’m an aspiring writer known on the internet under the pseudonym of WhiteOphelia – you can find me on a bunch of sites like Ao3, or Wattpad, FF.net. Just type me on Google or take a look at the menu that’s spread on the left of the blog. There’s a whole section with all the links for all of you lazy people.
I (also) write in english because I love the language and I’d like to learn more and improve myself.
This website will therefore be written by someone who’s not a native speaker. Please, be kind.
I’m always open to suggestions and corrections, but I ask you to be polite and understanding while correcting me – and all the people who spend their days writing in a language that’s not their own to learn and improve themselves.
I often find that people can be pretty callous when someone makes a mistake in a language that’s not theirs – and for all those meanies out there: I speak four languages. What can you say about yourself?
Anyway, if you found any mistake, please let this writer know so that she can learn from her mistakes. She appreciates.
Thank you,
The Cat Lady